Module ZLib

Compress/uncompress functions (zlib binding).

This module provides an essential interface to the Zlib compression routines.

The greatest part of the functionalites of the module are encapsulated in the ZLib class, which provided some class-wide methods to compress and uncompress data.

The following example can be considered a minimal usage pattern:

 load zlib

original = "Mary had a little lamb, it's fleece was white as snow."
> "Uncompressed: ", original

comped = ZLib.compressText( original )
> "Compressed then uncompressed:"
> "   ", ZLib.uncompressText( comped )

The module declares also a ZLibError that is raised in case of failure in compression/decompression operations.


ZLibZLib encapsulation interface.
ZLibErrorError generated by errors in the ZLib module.


ZLibErrorCodeError codes generated by ZLib methods.

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