Module Socket

Low level TCP/IP networking support.

The socket module provides a low level access to network (TCP/IP) socket wise functions. UDP and TCP protocol are supported, and the module provides also name resolution facilities, both performed automatically when calling connect and bind methods, or manually by calling an appropriate name or address resolution routine.

The module supports both IPv4 and IPv6 networking; generally, IPv6 is chosen transparently when an IPv6 address is provided or retrieved by the name resolution system, if the host system supports it.

The Socket module defines a NetError class that is raised on network errors. The class is derived from core IoError and doesn't add any method or property.

Note: The module can be loaded using the command

 load socket


NetErrorError generated by network related system failures.
SocketTCP/IP networking base class.
TCPServerEncapsulates a TCP network service provider.
TCPSocketProvides full TCP connectivity.
UDPSocketUDP (datagram) manager.


NetErrorCodeNetwork failure error categories.

All functions

getHostNameRetreives the host name of the local machine.
resolveAddressResolve a network address in a list of numeric IP fields.
socketErrorDescDescribe the meaning of a networking related system error code.

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