Adler32Calculates a 32 bits long Adler32 checksum
BarrierGate controlling the transit of threads for certain operations.
CRC32Calculates a 32 bits long CRC32 checksum
CompilerMain interface to the reflexive compiler.
ConfParserInterface to configuration files.
EventSignaler of relevant processing conditions.
GrantGrant for exclusive access to shared resources.
HashBaseBase class for each hash algorithm, specialized for overloading.
ICompilerInteraface to incremental evaluator.
JSONErrorError generated after error conditions on JSON operations.
JoinErrorError generated when trying to wait for a unwaitable thread.
LogAreaCollection of log channels.
LogChannelAbstract class receiving log requests from log areas.
LogChannelFilesLog channel sending logs to a set of (possibly) rotating local files.
LogChannelStreamLogs on an open stream.
LogChannelSyslogLogs on the local system logger facility.
MD2HashCalculates a 128 bits long MD2 (Message Digest 2) hash
MD4HashCalculates a 128 bits long MD4 (Message Digest 4) hash
MD5HashCalculates a 128 bits long MD5 (Message Digest 5) hash
MXMLDocumentEncapsulates a complete XML document.
MXMLErrorError raised by the MXML module in case of problems.
MXMLNodeMinimal entity of the XML document.
ModuleHandle to loaded modules.
NetErrorError generated by network related system failures.
ProcessExecute and control child processes.
ProcessEnumProvides a list of currently executed process.
ProcessErrorError generated by process related system failures.
RIPEMD128HashCalculates a 128 bits long RIPEMD-128 hash (RIPEMD family)
RIPEMD160HashCalculates a 160 bits long RIPEMD-160 hash (RIPEMD family)
RIPEMD256HashCalculates a 256 bits long RIPEMD-256 hash (RIPEMD family)
RIPEMD320HashCalculates a 320 bits long RIPEMD-320 hash (RIPEMD family)
RegexRegular expression binding encapsulation.
RegexErrorError generated by regular expression compilation and execution errors.
SHA1HashCalculates a 160 bits long SHA-1 hash
SHA224HashCalculates a 224 bits long SHA-224 hash (SHA-2 family)
SHA256HashCalculates a 256 bits long SHA-256 hash (SHA-2 family)
SHA384HashCalculates a 384 bits long SHA-384 hash (SHA-2 family)
SHA512HashCalculates a 512 bits long SHA-512 hash (SHA-2 family)
SocketTCP/IP networking base class.
SyncCounterImplements a synchronization counter (semaphore).
SyncQueueSignaler of relevant processing conditions.
TCPServerEncapsulates a TCP network service provider.
TCPSocketProvides full TCP connectivity.
ThreadParallel agent main class.
ThreadErrorError generated by thread related problems.
ThreadingAccess to static method that can be used to access threading functionalities.
TigerHashCalculates a 192 bits long Tiger hash
UDPSocketUDP (datagram) manager.
WaitableBase abstract class for synchronization Structures.
WhirlpoolHashCalculates a 512 bits long Whirlpool hash
ZLibZLib encapsulation interface.
ZLibErrorError generated by errors in the ZLib module.
_BaseCompiler Abstract base class for the Compiler and ICompiler classes.

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