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Storm - The Story Machine

Fading Away wiki

This is the place where we're storing our work ideas. This main page serves as a topmost index. The wiki is pretty *rudimentary*, we'll make it better as it grows. Also, notice that the wiki software is shared with Falcon main site, so it may get independently updated and improved without the direct intervention of the staff of this project.

In the meanwhile, be sure to Read who we are and what we're doing.


  • Front matter: Generic topic and inspirations for this work.
  • WorkPlan: Todo lists with things to do and people currently doing them. Incoming persons can take a task by signing them beside the thing to do.
  • Tech area: Techincal development issues - The Visual Fiction machine.
  • Storylining: Start page of storylining.
  • Arts: Page where to store art pieces.
  • Sounds: Music, sounds and songs.
  • Written slices: Generic piece of written text to be organized.
  • Ideas: Random idea and discussion about the game.

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